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About Authentic Gaming

  • Streams from luxury casinos worldwide
  • Premium Live casino solution
  • Tool for migrating land-based players online
  • Good choice of tables
  • Cross-compatibility

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About Our Authentic Gaming API

If live-streaming from land-based casinos is your cup of tea, then you might decide to implement Authentic Gaming software into your online casino and start offering their games to your users. If that’s the case, you’ll have to go through an API integration process.

Fortunately, that process has never been easier thanks to apiproviders unified API which can be implemented into your online business in a short amount of time. We can negotiate details and meet all of your needs, but one of the most popular features our customers opt for is custom lobby creation.

If you thought that was good news, what do you think about the fact that you’ll get over 40 providers alongside Authentic Gaming and their games by integrating apiproviders API? Thousands of satisfied customers have already testified and vouched for the quality of our API.

If Authentic Gaming is the only provider you’re looking for, that’s not a problem — you’ll always be able to start offering other ones to your audience in a quick and simple way, whenever you want. Authentic Gaming itself provides two different options — land-based and online gaming so our API emerges both the technology. To help you determine what your audience might enjoy more, apiproviders back office offers a detailed analysis of all the hands, payments, and odds.

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