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About BetGames

  • Non-standard live games
  • Focus on presenters
  • User-friendly interface
  • Streams every 3-5 minutes
  • Multilinguality

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About Betgames

BetGames is a Live online dealer provider known for its non-standard gaming content, such as Dice and betting on card games.Perfect if you search or find creative solutions.
BetGames is a young and professional online gaming provider, offering non-standard Live dealer games to European, Asian and African markets. It has gained popularity due to the simplicity of game rules, the possibility to play non-stop and a range of other features.
The studio is located in Vilnius, Lithuania, from where professional English-speaking dealers present the games. It needs to be said that the company pays special attention to the choice of its presenters. At the moment, the games are presented by more than 60 highly professional and classy dealers, which makes gaming experience easy and entertaining. Started from the Lithuanian market, now BetGames have expanded to CIS countries, West Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Betgames Software

Although BetGames offers only 9 games in total, that might be a good thing for you! If these nine games are exactly what you have been looking for, then using BetGames software on your platform is a no-brainer. These are the available games:
• Lucky 7
• Lucky 6
• Lucky 5
• Dice
• Dice Duel
• Wheel of Fortune
• War of Bets
• Bet on Poker
• Bet on Baccarat
As you can see, it is quite a unique combination of games. The keyword here is live. All nine games are streamed live, with streams starting every 3 to 5 minutes. One of the most important things for you as an online business owner is the user interface. We will talk about that in the next section, where you will also learn about the best way to integrate the BetGames platform into your website.
Unfortunately, BetGames doesn’t provide standard games for online casinos such as slot machines or sports betting, as they are focused on live streaming. To successfully Livestream on your website, you need great optimization and HD videos. BetGames provides both, and your customers will get the best video quality regardless of when they tune in. The best advice you can give to your users is to always keep their operating system updated — that will help them avoid any unnecessary software-related issues.

Betgames API Integration

If your online business revolves around live streaming, or that’s what you’re planning to implement, then BetGames is definitely the right provider for you. The best and the most efficient way to get not only nine of their games but also thousands of other games from over 40 providers, is through apiproviders unified API.
The implementation process is quick and it only depends on your customization wishes whether it’s going to be completed in a couple of days or more. The reason it takes longer when you want to customize the user interface or available services is that our developers and designers need time to complete the task in a satisfactory way.
Our policy is that every customer deserves the best possible service and that they should get everything they desire. If you want to get slot machines for example, besides BetGames live games, we will help you pick the best providers from our offer to do so.

Betgames API Price

To know the price of Betgames API contact Apiprovidres. We will give you the most reasonable and reliable API. You can all the details about what type of products and services you want. We will assure you will never going to be disappointed with us.

Betgames API Demo

Feel free to contact us. You can also take our API for a Demo. You just send your query and we will provide the best possible solutions for you. Take our betgames for Demo

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