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About Booming Games

Booming Games is a foremost B2B gaming provider. The company has offices in Manila, Athens, Isle of Man and London, and is steadily gaining more and more recognition in Europe and Asia due to their services and products are topflight, their passion to what they do is obvious, and their care about customers is on the whole new level. Booming games supplies the online gaming market with diverse games, develops innovative features and volatilities to meet every client’s needs.

Booming Games Software

Are you looking to get attractive, interactive cross-platform games on your website? Say no more, we have a perfect provider for you. Booming Games is a newcomer to the industry, but with a portfolio filled with over 50 games.
The company currently focuses on slot machines, and they are doing an outstanding job at making slot machines using the latest technology. You might think that using the latest tools to create online games might not be the best idea, as that can result in a disaster for players with older devices. However, Booming Games makes and launches their games in HTML5 which runs without any problems on all devices, browsers, and operating systems.
One of the best things about Booming Games is their thorough search filter. It allows players to sort the games by:
• Grid
• Paylines
• Features
• Themes
• Volatility
The grids start at 1 by 3 and go all the way up to 7 by 3, with more options in between. Paylines range from 1 to 50, while players can also choose between high, low, and medium volatility range games. That allows your customers to find the perfect game based on their requirements, without having to try every single game in the process of searching for the perfect one. That’s great news because some online gamblers find this process annoying.

Booming Games API Integration

Apiproviders clients deserve only the best because we give them the best. That’s why Booming Games comes to your online business if you decide to integrate apiproviders unified API. Over 40 or more providers, besides Booming Games, can be yours with one simple integration.
You can either opt for the package which includes all the providers and their games and let us do all the work, or you can come up with your ideas and let us turn them into reality means we can also develop as you want. Depending on how much customization you request, the integration time varies otherwise. If you’re only interested in some basic changes, such as changing some colors and minor elements of the user interface to match your website perfectly, the job can be done in only a couple of days.
On the other hand, we can keep making updates for weeks and months before you are fully satisfied and happy with the product. Once our API goes live on your website, you will have customer support available to you at all times. We are here to make adjustments if needed, add new things, and possibly suggest some other services that we have to offer — those might go perfectly with your casino.

Key feature

Apart from exclusive high-def online games, probably, the most attractive point of Booming Games is their approach to customers. This B2B provider is ready to support and help to solve arising issues every step of the way. Most importantly, it concerns not only B2B(Business-to-Business) partners, but also end customers. There is a possibility for a casino operator to communicate about certain topics directly with the provider, in order to save time and conduct business in the most effective way. In particular, these concerns help in the development of promotions and bonuses.

Platform, Integration

When it comes to platform and integration, Booming Games uses up-to-the-minute solutions. Nothing should hamper convenient online game development and later supplying. Their professional approach includes using a versatile unified API and unimpeded integration.

Booming Games API Price

To know the price of Vivo Gaming contact Apiprovidres. We will give you the most reasonable and reliable API. You can all the details about what type of products and services you want. We will assure you will never going to be disappointed with us.

Booming Games API Demo

Feel free to contact us. You can also take our API for a Demo. You just send your query and we will provide the best possible solutions for you. Take our Vivo Gaming API for Demo.

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