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About Digitain

  • 3,000+ betting market
  • Customizable Interface
  • Multi currencies
  • 7,500 leagues worldwide
  • Available 24/7/365 service

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About Our Digitain API

The clients of apiproviders don’t have to worry about getting updates from the latest offerings from Digitain Software Provider. Our team at apiproviders always updates our operators on new games, services, and products available for their online casinos. We also provide analysis-based recommendations for promotions and bonuses available on games and products. By integrating Digitain on your online casino with our unified API, you will always be abreast of new releases and updates and more.

With our unified API at apiproviders, you can integrate the full suite of Digitain that includes Scoreboards, Sportsbook, and Virtual sports modules if you wish to increase product and revenue further. This saves considerable time in integrating, and it is also modular, frictionless and flexible enough to allow operators to create their own exclusive brand and design.

Conclusively, you will avail your players the opportunity to participate in any promotions and bonuses organized by Digitain, this will invariably attract more players and eventually generate more revenue for you.

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