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About GG Network

  • Good for recreational players
  • Blocking external assistance software
  • 1000 concurrent players weekly
  • Soft liquidity
  • Integration with social networks

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About Our GG Network API

GG Network’s software is perfect for beginners, and it is something you’ll need on your website, especially if you’re running a young business. In order to implement GG Network, you can opt for apiproviders unified API — it allows you to offer not only GG Network games to your customers but also 40 other providers and thousands of other games!

GG Network already has huge means almost thousands of concurrent players on a weekly basis, so you’ll have company during your gambling sessions. Allowing your players to communicate through live chat is also a great way to get new customers to stay. GG Network’s software is known as one of the best software solutions for beginners or user, because of the simple , interactive and user-friendly interface which guides players from the moment they come to the platform until they have played their first couple of hands.

Poker was always popular and it’s still trending, but the game requires a high level of skill before it can be played competitively. That’s why organizing poker tournaments based on experience points earned by users is recommended by some experts in the industry. On the other hand, players can always opt for high-stakes games, where the entry fee might cost thousands of pounds.

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