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About IsoftBet

  • Exclusive content from the largest TV and film studios
  • Jackpots available for mobile games
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-currencies
  • Available in download and instant-play options

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About Our IsoftBet API

If you are trying to establish a successful business in the online gambling industry, iSoftBet is a must-have popular game. The integration of this service is extremely simple, thanks to apiproviders unified API. There are several bundles and solutions to choose from, but anyone who’s looking to provide their players with iSoftBet games should consider the slots bundle.

Besides hundreds of high-quality and efficient slot machines from iSoftBet, you’ll also get 20+ additional providers to choose from. You don’t have to put all of them on your website, but our API allows you to customize the layout and add or remove any of the providers extremely fast.

There will be no downtime and no interruption of your players means no worry for the users — the integration is a one-time process that you need to go through only when implementing it for the very first time you use. Every additional change or updates take a lot less time and is done by our designers and developers as quickly as possible.

Apiproviders provides games from over 20 slot providers (if you opt for the slots bundle, there are 40+ companies in total) and allows players to enjoy all games, regardless of how old their device or operating system is.

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